Collecting challenge coins have become a rage in the United States of America since quite some time now. The most sought after kind of these coins are navy coins, Marine Corps, army, air force and police coins. They are also commonly referred to as Unit, Commander’s, Honor and Pride Coins. These coins that were awarded to military personnel were mostly plated in gold and engraved with squadron’s insignia. They were usually worn as a necklace, or embedded in key chains, paper weights or even coffee mugs and considered as an invaluable treasure.

A challenge coin is actually a coin that embodies a unit or organization or group and is something that is preserved safely in a box. These coins were normally given as a token of appreciation of a job that has been performed excellently. Most of these coins are made from various kinds of metals and contain some kind of symbol and design. In the earlier days that go back to the First World War such coins were awarded to people who had accomplished something outstanding. These coins are considered extremely valuable especially to some one who has served his country and safe guards it with utmost pride and care.

As stated before, these coins in the olden days were gifted in appreciation of some outstanding achievements of the military personnel. But today any organization or club can produce a customized coin for each member at surprisingly reasonable rates. These coins are called custom made challenge coins and are used for various intentions now-a-days. Majority of the organizations make use of these coins as one of the best and exclusive ways to gift their members with a token of their appreciation.

An organization or club can make these coins in any metal that they desire. They can make use of enamel for colorful niceties and even be given a protective shield or edge lettering. And you can choose 2D, 3D or any design you want according to your budget and fancy. The more number of coins you get made, the lesser the amount you will have to pay for them. Owning such a coin can provide a special sense of belonging and pride that you are a part of a particular company or organization. Hence these coins are one of the most ideal ways to nurture a bond between people belonging to an organization and make them feel really proud of their membership.

Source by Sooraj Surendran